Rwandan Journalists launch investment Company, seek self-reliance

Self-reliance: Journalists seat together to find solutions to their problems (Photo/Panorama)

Rwandan journalists have formed an investment company – which they believe will bring an end to what has become a traditional bad perception about media practitioners in Rwanda.

For some time now, the public has in one way or another termed some members of the media as financially challenged, lunch, transport, school fees and beggars and many others.

The new company – Media Ventures Group Limited (MVG Ltd) launched last Sunday 26th, March 2017 at Rwanda Press House offices in the capital Kigali, seeks to end this public perception, its members say.

“It has become a daily talk that Rwandan journalists do not have vision. We are regarded as unprofessional, beggars of free services like lunch, transport and other things. This is the right time we join hands and build a sustainable future and change this mindset,” said Didace Niyifasha, the Company Chairperson and legal representative.

According to Niyifasha, Rwandan journalists are tired of being undermined in nature, and the new media Company is a solution to self-sustaining.

While Rwandans in different sectors have teamed up to work together, journalists remain scattered, with existing media bodies not equipped enough to fund journalists’ projects.

Through the new established media company, shareholders say, journalists will get chance to work with financial institutions and execute bankable projects.

“First on our agenda is to ensure we build affordable houses for journalists. Most media practitioners have no contracts. We need to work on these changes,” Niyifasha added.

Under its structure, shareholders contribute Rwf10, 000 every month, with an open chance to new journalists wishing to join the company.

According to Niyifasha, Media Ventures Group has established a plan to invest in different fields including hospitality, housing, transport, sports and media, among others.

Building corporate bond

According to Media Ventures Group members, the company opens up doors to work with partners as it seeks to improve the welfare of Rwandan journalists.

“We also look at building partnership with donors and government institutions as part of harnessing our shared goal – the country’s development,” said Rene Anthere Rwanyange, the company Secretary General.

Board of Directors of Media Ventures Group Ltd

I. Executive Committee

  1. Chairperson and Legal Representative: Niyifasha Didace
  2. Vice Chairperson and Deputy Legal Representative: Ngabonziza Dan
  3. Secretary General and Executive Director: Rwanyange Rene Anthere
  4. Treasurer: Mukagahizi Rose
  5. Advisors (3):

 -Muganwa Gonzague

– Mazimpaka Magnus

– Niyonzima Oswald

II. Auditing Committee

  1. Mukanziza Pascasie
  2. Sebuharara Sylidio
  3. Bukebuke Aimable

III. Disciplinary Commission

  1. Muvara Eric
  2. Kadeli Alexis B.M
  3. Kayiranga Egide

IV. Projects plan Commission

  1. Mazimpaka Magnus (Chairperson)
  2. Ngabonziza Dan
  3. Muganwa Gonzague
  4. Rwanyange Rene Anthere

Our Reporter

Shareholders of Media Ventures Group Ltd after the meeting (Photo/Panorama)
Shareholders of Media Ventures Group Ltd after the meeting (Photo/Panorama)

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