“We must rely on analysed data to solve gender rule stalemate”

Commissioner Winnie Lichuma, the Chairperson of the Kenya National Gender & Equality Commission -NGEC (Photo/Courtesy)

Gender disaggregated data that analyses the reality of the gender gaps, their challenges and requirements is urgently needed to contribute to the decision-making processes regarding the contentious two-thirds affirmative action clause in the Constitution.

Addressing the Pan African Women’s Conference on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030) and African Union 2063 Agenda, Commissioner Winnie Lichuma, the Chairperson of the Kenya National Gender & Equality Commission (NGEC) said relevant gender disaggregated data will present the reality within the gender gaps and speed up the implementation of various policy mechanisms.

“We must monitor and evaluate the numbers from a pro-active angle and seek to understand what the numbers are telling us and why, because data contributes to informed decision-making” said Commissioner Lichuma.

“We need to go beyond the sex data that we have which only distinguishes the physical gender and collect data that represents the lived realities that explain further why the glaring gaps persist,” Lichuma added.

The commissioner lamented the stalled implementation process of the two-thirds gender rule in Kenya that has seen it escalated to the Courts as an accountability mechanism, delayed processes that has been viewed as unconstitutional.

“With the right gender disaggregated data, we will be able to hold governments accountable to delivering on commitments such as the SDGs 2030 and African Union 2063 Agenda in this way really transform lives” she said.

The Pan African Women’s conference organized by the African Women’s Development & Communications Network, FEMNET has convened over 150 African women leaders, women’s rights advocates and development partners from 35 African countries to deliberate on an implementation strategy to compel African governments to fully implement the SDGs 2030 and 2063 Agenda. This conference will have as one of its outcomes key asks urging governments to go beyond mere talking but walk the walk.

The Conference was inaugurated yesterday by the Cabinet Secretary for Social Services, Youth & Gender Affairs Ms. Cisily Kariuki.

Our Reporter/Nairobi

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