New digital system to teach road safety rules revealed

li International Art College (C) with Benoit Karenzi, video production lecturer at KIAC (1st-L) explaining the new system (Photo/Elias H.)

An added-valued digital teaching system was launched in Rwanda on Friday, 26th May 2017, by the Kigali International Art College (KIAC) to further the current analogue system used by driving schools.

The initiative is supported by the government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) and the National Police (RNP).

According to Athanase Ruhumuriza, the director of Kigali International Art College, the system will complement the current one of written texts in the official gazette as it will be using images and explaining further the details of courses by demonstrating the course scenario through audio and videos.

The system is expected to help children in primary schools, secondary schools as well as mature students of University and people in general to know the traffic rules and safe driving.

Ruhumuriza said that the new system will help current drivers to follow road safety-driving.

“The system will help current drivers, you use to hear from news of accidents across the country, other students fail to the traffic rules’ examinations because they did not well understood lessons, so, the role is very complex for both pre-examinations’ students and current drivers,” Ruhumuriza noted.

This system will be used only by teaching but road-safety rules examination will still follow the current manner of writing on papers.

The course outline

The new audio-visual teaching digital system covers six hours and the course outline is divided into nine parts which are basic rules, road-safety driving strategies, vehicles, traffic signs, vehicles’ signs, monitoring of vehicles styles, national committee in charge of traffic security, vehicle punishments, and implementation of traffic rules.

The current timing of lessons covers 30 days but the new video has 6 hours and a student will repeat the video more than 10 times a month before he/she passes the exam.

He said that an improvement coming in place is the power of images but the audio which replaces the role of a teacher’s presence is made from the current notes from the official gazette hosting traffic rules.

“We all grew in the analogue system to learn traffic rules but this new system will enable students to understand and see with eyes all the tools in this regard, people currently know traffic rules as theory, with this digital system, they will be able to know what is what as they learn ‘Makuzungu’ (big truck), they will also see it in a video,” said Ruhumuriza.

Access to lessons

Ruhumuriza said that they will establish centers of formation across the country and partner with the current driving schools to help people learn.

The centers will also reach to village dwellers and the implementation of this initiative is ready just in June this year.

“We will also partner with the Ministry of Education to help students in schools learn traffic rules without losing other lessons,” Ruhumuriza added.

The system will also help many people to learn at the same time as they will be watching the video in a wide classroom.

The role of a teacher will be to facilitate students but this one will have a short time than the video.

According to Benoit Karenzi, video production lecturer at KIAC and expert in image and videos, the initiative is a good file that will support the current analogue system and all the images contents it covers were taken in Rwanda.

Gvt welcomed the system

“Road safety assurance is under our responsibility, we will always welcome whoever wants to help us improve security on roads,” said François Zirikana, director of road safety and transport in MININFRA.

Beneficiaries speak

Jimmy Kwizera, a motorcycle driver based at Giporoso-Remera road in Kigali said that learning traffic rules in audio-visual format will help students to capture the vigilance of what they are taught in theory into practice.

“Many students use to read and taught some names and categories of vehicles in Kinyarwanda such as ‘Romoroke’(truck) and get confused, with the new system they will be able to know such names and explain to others

Kwizera said that most of the times new drivers get confused with practical environment on roads as they see the first time what they learnt as theory.

He noted that this confusion will never happen as the digital system will be the response to that.

By Elias Hakizimana

Journalists watching the video that covers traffic rules and safety driving lessons (Photo/Elias H.)

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