We are happy to vote for the president, Kirehe young voters said

Rosine Nisingizwe speaking to Panorama after voting for the President of the Republic yesterday (Photo/Elias H.)

About 97 percent of presidential election voters yesterday August 4, 2017 in Kirehe district were youth between 18-23 years old, the generation that appreciated the first experience in voting.

Rosine Nisingizwe, 18, is a young lady from Kiyanzi cell, Nyamugari sector of Kirehe district who voted from Groupe Scolaire Kiyanzi electoral site.

Full of happiness, Nisingizwe was proud of speaking to media about her feelings over the first time in her life to vote for a very important leader, President of the Republic.

For her, it was an additional step to make her mature and a real Rwandan.

“It was very interesting, fair and additional grade to me to become a real Rwandan, my perception is very high as I voted for the President of the Republic myself, without any influence of other people,” said Nisingizwe.

The young lady said that she participated in a very big national initiative and that she voted for successful manifesto and achievements. She confirmed that her choice was not wrong.

“My happiness increased as this was my first time to contribute to my country’s governance by voting the candidate of my choice. I was not frustrated to pursue that action because as a Rwandan, we were taught to be proud of whatever we do diligently,” Nisingizwe noted.

She said that one can face consequences when influenced   by others to vote someone.

“When influenced, I can be obliged to vote for a candidate who does not match with my personal choice, so, the election was more democratic,” said Nisingizwe.

According to Félicien Maniragaba, the employee of National Electoral Commission (NEC) who was at Kiyanzi election site, youth were taught enough about fair elections and were informed about the candidates.

“The young generation we have today known to read and write. During the elections, they could either use finger or a simple signature as they could easily identify a candidate by name of picture,” Maniragaba said.

Jean Claude Tuyishimire, 19, also voted for the first time. He said he was surprised by how things are done.

“Before I knew that voters sign on the voting paper but I found that people use a finger print. None of election volunteers influenced me to vote someone and I am sure that the candidate I voted is the winner,” Tuyishimire said.

Youth represented 97 percent of 224,481 accredited voters in Kirehe district according to Oscal Uyisabye, NEC employee in Kirehe district.”

By Elias Hakizimana

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