Ferwafa Chair race, Rwemarika’s greatness

Felicite Rwemarika believes it’s possible to get more women engaged in football development (Photo/Courtesy)

Football is the most popular game in Rwanda and worldwide. Its role transcends the recreational motive. Soccer is an integral part of the local cultures across the world, and particularly in Rwanda. It is something so positive that it brings smiles to children’s faces even in the worst of circumstances.

In most places, simply arriving at a field with a soccer ball will win you instant friendships and immediate access into a local community. Soccer teams and leagues are Omni-present in even the most impoverished areas. And professional soccer players are heroes to the kids who watch them.

Despite the love for the game in Rwanda, results from our players and teams remain discouraging for the masses who storm stadiums, just to return home in grief for either loosing or for the poor quality of the game.

The talent for soccer is present in the country, but often dies away due to lack of proper nurturing and guidance to channel them to a rewarding career for all stakeholders.

Various attempts to develop the game have not achieved much since Rwandan teams are still not very competitive in the region and continent.

Rwanda, unlike some other African countries, does not boast of any acclaimed professional players in the major European leagues, this notwithstanding the ample talent present.

Today, everyone recognizes that this poor performance is due to lack of some long term planning and investment in the raw talents around the country.

The love for football is pushing Mrs Rwemarika Felicite  to campaign for FERWAFA Chair to change the current situation and build the future football in young generation.

Who is Felicite Rwemarika? 

Felicite Rwemarika is a woman participating in football to assist women to build self-confidence and social support  in Rwandan society; enabling them to improve their lives and further the development of their communities. Felicite  leveraging the structure of teams and tournaments to facilitate women’s educational and economic empowerment.

Born into a large family of thirteen children, Felicite is the second born and the first of eleven girls. Her father worked as a medical doctor in Congo, where she spent her childhood. Felicite’s father coached community football teams on a volunteer basis when he had time, and often took Felicite along exposing her to the positive powers of sports, and football, in particular.

After Felicite’s education, she qualified as a midwife and married a dentist who practiced in Western Uganda. Her husband, however, left his practice to join the liberation forces of Rwanda in the early 1990s. Following this change in her family, Felicite alone and with no other support had to quickly adjust and find a way to supplement her income to take care of their four children.

The more successful Felicite became in business, the more interested she became in the changes that where taking place in Rwanda as it recovered from the genocide. In a country that was focused on reconstruction and development, Felicite was quick to see that women were not contributing at the same pace and level of their male counterparts.

As one of the few successful, recognized, and respected women leaders in society for her work, Felicite believes it’s possible to get more women engaged in development. In 2002, Felicite founded the Association of Kigali Women in Sports (AKWOS).

Attributions  and Responsibilities    

  • Member of FERWAFA Executive Board since 2007 up-to-date
  • 1st Vice President of the Rwanda Olympic and Other Games
  • Diploma FIFA leadership development program
  • President of women football commission at FERWAFA since 2007 up-to-date
  • Member of FERWAFA Executive Committee U-17 CAF vice champion 2011
  • Member of FERWAFA Executive Committee U-17 World cup Mexico 2011
  • Member of CECAFA Women Commission since 2011
  • Initiator of Women Football in Rwanda
  • Member of the International Olympic Committee Commission (sports and active society)
  • President & founder of association of women in sports (AKWOS) since 2004 up to date.
  • President of Rwanda NGO Forum on HIV/AIDS & Health Promotion
  • Chairperson of We Act for Hope
  • Continental IOC Award for women in sport 2016
  • ASHOKA fellowship Award international organization for change makers from 2012 up-to-date
  • Stars Foundation United Kingdom Award 2015


  2. Promotion of major leagues
  • Professional, semi professional and amateur Independent Leagues

The Premier, Second and Third leagues will organize the championship with a minimum of 3 different competitions.

To promote junior teams for the Premier league.

FERWAFA will support in clubs licensing, training for administrators, coaches, referees, medical staff to enhance the level of the football.

FERWAFA will contribute to support the clubs financially.

  1. Implementation of 5 provincial leagues
  • Each league will organize minimum 2 competitions a year
  • FERWAFA to organize a league Cup
  • FERWAFA to organize coaches, referees, medical and administrators trainings a year
  • FERWAFA to support administrative team and financial support in their daily duties
  • Youth League

Strengthening the competitions organized by youth associations.

Strengthening the competitions organized by ‘Sport Scolaire’ in football.

Set up a minimum of 5 schools of excellence in each province and strengthen their technical capacities (coaches, referees and medical first aid).

Strengthening and promote academies, schools of excellence and centers.

Promote competitions between academies, centers and schools of excellence.

Developing mandatory grassroots funding programs from FIFA/ CAF and CECAFA.

  • Women League

To implement the same competitions structure for girls and boys.

Strengthening women department and promote the women independent leagues.

Developing mandatory grassroots funding programs from FIFA/ CAF and CECAFA.

Promote the women participation clubs and national teams in international competitions.

Creating a women’s football-specific marketing and commercial programs.

Enhancing partnerships with reputable organisations working and promoting girls and women life skills.


Reform of statutes, rules and regulations to international standards.

To professionalise and modernalise general administration of FERWAFA.

Football stakeholders committee/ Advisory committee to be implemented,

Capacity building at all level: strengthening the technical and administrative staff skills and capacities (Coaches, referees, medical staff, media and administrators) for professional career focus,

Creation of proper awards for all stakeholders,

For clubs, training their managers and help to obtain scholarship from FIFA and Olympic Committee,

For young players: Support the best to train in professional clubs outside the country.

For media: Career support for sport journalists.

  • Strengthening the culture of accountability on all level.
  • The General Assembly to approve action plan and the year budget,
  • Reporting on time to General Assembly, FIFA, CAF and sponsors,
  • Auditing and money control according to FIFA and CAF rules,
  • Greater participation and diversity in decision making,
  • Each project should be designed and managed professionally,
  • To promote the culture of meritocracy at all level.
  • Maximum impartiality in decision making,
  • Professional and accountable tender process,
  • To reinforce and professionalize Amavubi teams preparations in order to renew the participation in CAN and World Cup.
  • Improve FIFA ranking for men and women senior teams.
  • Create advisory platforms for Amavubi.
  • Create Amavubi sponsors platform.
  • To promote Amavubi fan club at all levels.
  • Advocacy, Accompaniment & promotion of infrastructure development
  • Advocacy, Accompaniment & promotion of equipment acquisition
  • To motivate and encouraging income generating activities,
  • Promote a company ‘made in Rwanda’ to venture in business. The shareholders will be FERWAFA stakeholders,
  • FUTSAL and BEACH SOCCER to be implemented,
  • To promote new international football tournament.
  • To improve good communication between FERWAFA and all stakeholders,
  • To improve good relationship between FERWAFA and FIFA, CAF, CECAFA and other football federations,
  • To insure that FERWAFA starts to host international football meetings and events and continue to host international tournaments.

One Team, One Dream!

“Mrs. Felicite Rwemarika is the right person at this right time to change the Rwanda Football Association following the long journey  that makes a difference, mindset change, self-confidence, Intregrity, Transparency, hard working and team work-driven”.
Felicite Rwemarika President and founder of the Association of Kigali Women in Sports -AKWOS (Photo/Courtesy)

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  1. Mrs. Felicite Rwemarika is the right person at this right time to change the Rwanda Football Association following the long journey that makes a difference, mindset change, self-confidence, Integrity, Transparency, hard working and team work-driven.

  2. Uyu mudamu akwiriye kuyobora FERWAFA. Imigambi ye nimyiza kandi irasobanutse. Azazanzamura umupiraw’amaguru mu Rwanda no mu Karere dutuyemo. Tumushyigikire twese

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