Human rights activists support youth involvement to exercise their rights

We come back on the human rights principles in our country

Rwanda joined the rest of the world to celebrate the international human right day on December 10, 2017 where various defenders support youth involvement in exercising their rights.

They say that the day brings them on current assessment in implementing the principles of human rights and to set efficient measures which involves the participation of parents to make their children aware of their rights.

Eric Mahoro, Director of Programs in Never Again Rwanda said that the International Human rights day brings them to assess their strengths and weaknesses in their current human rights activities.

“We come back on the human rights principles in our country. We assess the achievements and discuss ways of tackling current challenges by sharing ideas with various partners to see how the culture of human rights can be developed,

The global theme for International Human rights is stated as “Stand up for someone’s right today”.

Mahoro said that they will base on the current national theme “Let us protect Human Rights while preventing drug abuse among youths,”

We are committed to increase efforts in handling violence based issues among Rwandan community and we will do whatever to engage everyone to contribute,”

Lawyer Nkongori Laurent said that there is a need for a joint efforts to help Rwandan families to undertake the challenges affecting young generation.

“The child must be taken care of every parent as the family has responsibilities on a child as their own, allowing them to correct and direct a child once he/she is behaving wrong,” Nkongori said.

Mary Barikungeri, President of Rwanda Women Network said that human rights principles must begin from the family (between parents and children).

“If we want to have a good nation, the success should start from well educated children in family, there is where economic development comes from, is where good leaders of our country come from, so, let us bring back human rights in a family because it is the fundamental of the overall achievements,” said Barikungeri.

Youth speak out

Robert Mugabo, young member of Never Again said that when someone does not know his/her rights has not a safe vision. He requested human rights players to train youth on human rights.

“I would have serious problem when for example someone else votes a leader for me without my engagement. Therefore, I would contribute to the development of my nation because I know and exercise my rights,” said Mugabo.

Bonne Fête Adeline Umubyeyi, one of trained youth in human rights by Never Again Rwanda from Nyamagabe District, said that youth contribute a lot in building the country, giving the reasons that this generation must recognize their rights to be able to do what they can.

“Many young people in our native places do not know their rights, if we are to be the future leaders of our country, we should know our rights. So, as pioneers who were trained we will mobilize our colleagues-youth on their rights,” Umubyeyi said.

By Elias Hakizimana

Lawyer Laurent Nkongori, Chairperson of ARDHO (Photo/Elias)
Mr Eric Mahoro, Director of Programs-Never Again Rwanda (Photo/Elias)

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