Let us pray for President KAGAME

Every time when a President takes Oath, he/she ends with this fine expression “so help me God”!

As a son of this land from the slopes of Karongi not far from Nyabarongo river which took my late father “Umutambyi” fifty five years ago and my dear mother twenty four year back, I always feel and share the same sentiment of the help of God in every leadership.

Two days after the African Union summit, I thought of so many people who served this continental body and their fate or destiny if not their history.

From the burial of late Patrick Mazimpaka, may God keep his soul in eternal life, I looked back to the Mozambican former President Chissano who once took the floor in the prestigious hall in Addis Ababa and surprised many while addressing African Heads of States in Kiswahili.

With a charismatic President Paul KAGAME as the newly elected chairman known for his commitment to Panafricanism and high sense of leadership, I can only expect the best especially as the chairman of the AU reform team and overall chairman.

In his capacity, Rwanda, Rwandans and all friends of this country and this continent have all the reasons to celebrate this leadership and surely aspire for the ideal and dream hopefully in the best results.

While the US President Donald Trump apologisingly requested President KAGAME to convey his warm greetings to his fellow African Presidents having called African countries “pays des merdes”, my request and prayer is far different, just to say: BRAVO, BRAVO &BRAVO! President Paul KAGAME!

Wishing  you Mr. President all the best in reinforcing regional communities, empowering the African Union and creating a common denominator, fostering one identity and through the sane vision, same destiny, pave way to one African language KISWAHILI.

Like Mwalimu Julius Kambarage NYERERE “Nia tunayo sababu tunayo, na uwezo tunao! Pamoja tutafanikiwa”.

Mungu ibariki Africa,

Ibariki EAC

Ibariki Rwanda

Bariki Rais Paul KAGAME, mjalie na mjazie Hekima, Uhai na Afya njema.


Professor Pacifique MALONGA


The Author is a Writer, a Journalist and Kiswahili promoter.

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