Ndera: UR/CST Students give new lease of ‘life’ to a physically impaired family

By Elias Hakizimana

Students from University of Rwanda’s College of Science and Technology (UR-CST) yesterday made a committed Umuganda (Community work) at Agnes’s house, an old physically disabled woman who stays in Ndera sector, Gasabo district.

The students also donated to her utensils for keeping hygiene and food commodities besides their contribution of finalizing the family house. The total amount of this support was worth Rwf 430,000 including metallic doors and windows, cement, toilet and bathroom as well as the food commodities.

The initiative was initiated by the youth grouped in the RPF-Nyarugenge Campus through the “igiceri cy’ijana” a hundred coin campaign (Rwf100) that started a week ago among 78 class rooms.

Started in Gasabo district on March 17, 2018, the campaign aims at helping most vulnerable families and communities and will be dispersed in other districts gradually.

Rene Goscinny Bigirimana, the founder of this campaign said “We started this campaign one week ago and its outcomes enabled us to finalize the house of the old woman’s family. Thanks to the efforts by the RPF-Inkotanyi Nyarugenge Campus and Ndera sector’s local authorities who guided us in this activity.

“We are very committed to finalize this house as of today we have managed to close it with doors and windows after the students’ financial and practical works in this Umuganda,” Rene added

The first beneficiaries of this campaign are Agnes Nyirabutunda, the 70 year old physically disabled with her daughter Mary Dusenge, 30 who is also physically disabled.

Edward Ruzindana, Dean of Students at UR-CST who was also participating in this mutual initiative appreciated such a good action.

“This gives us a hope for tomorrow’s vision of our youth. As we see young generation of students willingly engaging in such a mutual activity, we see another significant trust and ability to build this country,” said Ruzindana.

Beneficiary speaks

Mary Dusenge, the daughter of Agnes Nyirabutunda expressed her appreciation on behalf of her mother who is in bed since four years ago due to the disability status.

“I have pleasure to thank this student’s community for their heartfelt effort and determination to show us their love today. I live with my mother and she cannot move from bed since four years ago.

I am currently paying accommodations and it is not easy for me because sometimes I lack money and be tossed around by land lords. Today I have found the overall miracle, I found God who gave me these friends who surprised me as I did not know them before,” she said.

This activity initiated by Students from University of Rwanda’s College of Science and Technology (UR-CST) in partnership with a local Non Government Organisation Youth United Rwanda Imihigo (YURI).

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