Women’s role in fighting corruption takes center stage in Kigali

Pan-African parliamentarians at a session in Kigali (Photo/TNT)

Rwanda is holding the 11th Pan-African Parliament Conference on Women’s Rights under the theme: “Pan-African Parliament fights against corruption.”

The conference will take place from 31 October to 01 November 2018 towards the end of the 1st Ordinary Session of the 5th Parliament currently under way in the capital Kigali.

In line with the African Union theme for 2018; “Winning the fight against corruption: a sustainable path to Africa’s transformation,” this annual Conference on Women’s Rights will focus on the role of parliamentarians in combating corruption through legislation enforcement while formulating ways to monitor the implementation of relevant instruments, especially those dealing with the effect of corruption on Women and Development in Africa.

“We have established that corruption is an obstacle to the development of our continent. It is also true that women are more vulnerable to specific types of corruption due to their social, political and economic roles. As a result, this gathering will seek to draw the attention of women legislators to the existing gaps between policy frameworks, gender policies, anti-corruption strategies and actions.” says H.E. Hon. Roger Nkodo DANG, President of the PAP.

Hon. Jamila Ksiksi DEBBECH, Chairperson of the PAP Women’s Caucus of PAP has also welcomed the participation of the First Lady of Rwanda, who was recently awarded the African Women of Excellence Awards (AWEA) for her outstanding work on empowering women and her overall contribution to Africa’s development.

She adds: “She is a proven champion for women empowerment and the emancipation of Africa. Her contribution will be significant in helping to advance the women agenda at this year’s conference; particularly in relation to the fight against corruption in order to consolidate gains and achieve more on the status women.”

The Pan-African Parliament has been holding its Conference on Women’s Rights since 2008. This event has become an Annual Conference offering a platform to review women’s issues in Africa and ensure ongoing monitoring and evaluation of such events, assess progress of the Pan-African Parliament in the promotion of gender mainstreaming, the economic advancement of women in Africa as well as deliberate on gender focused programmes and policies.


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