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AstraZeneca highlights Commitment to Tackling Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss

●        The UN Environment Programme has made an urgent call to action to #GenerationRestoration, focusing on three priorities: reviving lands, ending desertification, and securing water.

●        By 2030, AstraZeneca aims to plant and maintain 200 million trees across six continents through AZ Forest.

In recognition of World Environment Day 2024 under the theme; ‘land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience’, AstraZeneca has highlighted its commitment to tackling climate change and biodiversity loss—two of the most pressing challenges of our time.

Aligned with the UN Environment Programme’s call to action for #GenerationRestoration focused on three priorities: reviving lands, ending desertification, and securing water, AstraZeneca through the AZ Forest reforestation programme and comprehensive water stewardship initiatives is enabling the interconnectedness of environmental health and human health, fostering resilience against climate change, improving air and water quality, and supporting biodiversity.

By 2030, AstraZeneca aims to plant and maintain 200 million trees across six continents through AZ Forest. This global project, which focuses on agroforestry, regraded agricultural land, and natural forest restoration, collaborates with local people and landscape restoration specialists, and is made to optimize the co-benefits of reforestation, which include lowering the risk of natural disasters, promoting sustainable livelihoods, strengthening climate resilience, and safeguarding biodiversity.

Deepak Arora, Country President, African Cluster at AstraZeneca, said, “At AstraZeneca, we recognise that the well-being of our planet is fundamentally connected to the health of its inhabitants.

Our dedication to environmental sustainability in Africa, exemplified by projects like AZ Forest and our comprehensive water stewardship efforts, goes beyond tree planting and water conservation. It’s about nurturing resilience and enhancing the quality of life of the communities we serve.

This World Environment Day, we are proud to stand alongside local partners and communities to protect our environment and ensure a healthier, more sustainable future for everyone.”

Towards protecting the water basins, AstraZeneca is committed to enhancing water quality, promoting efficient use, and safeguarding ecosystems. We are working with local communities to identify shared challenges such as water scarcity, pollution, and habitat loss.

Through these collective efforts, we aim to enhance water security and resilience against climate-related impacts. So far, we have implemented rainwater harvesting systems and constructed wetlands to improve water quality and availability for local communities.

These efforts are part of our broader commitment as members of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), where we actively participate in advancing good water stewardship practices across our sites.

We are working closely with our industry peers to craft a pioneering Roadmap to Nature Positive tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical sector. This roadmap is designed to expedite business involvement and initiatives aimed at achieving the overarching societal objective of nature positivity.

By providing sector-specific guidance, our collective efforts seek to drive tangible progress and ensure a sustainable future for both the pharmaceutical industry and the environment.

AstraZeneca’s initiatives in global reforestation and water stewardship reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability. Through these collaborative efforts, we are actively contributing to the preservation of our planet.

By nurturing partnerships and leveraging innovative solutions, we are forging a path towards a greener, healthier future for generations to come. Let us continue to unite in our mission to restore and safeguard our environment, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all.

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