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With the support of its partners, Rwanda Journalists Association (ARJ) has just concluded a finding mission on “Enhancing Financial Sustainability in Rwanda Media House: A peer Learning Initiative NYIGIRAHO TWiSUNGANE”.

A finding mission was carried out in different media houses operating in Rwanda including Government and private Radio stations such as Radio Rwanda, Radio Maria, Kinyamateka, The New Times, IGIHE, KT Radio, Radio 10, Community Radios among many others. 

Various delegates shared experiences from their different backgrounds with their main goal to facilitate Rwandan Media Owners/ Managers to engage in a direct peer to peer exchange for a more comprehensive understanding and adoption of effective revenue models, financial management strategies and compliance with legal tax frameworks aiming at enhancing financial sustainability and self-reliance of media houses in Rwanda.       

One of the teams visited and sharing experiences with Radio/TV 10 Management

Talking about the objectives and expected results, one of the team leaders and ARJ Board members, also a long time lecturer in communication, Prof. Pacifique Malonga, says that there is a clear hope for success stories, better strategies used by media houses to retain their human capital and resources. 

He moreover stressed the need to focus on financial constraints and challenges and find a better way forward. 

The final recommendations for sustainable development and self-reliance in the media for effective and efficient media services delivery were made to achieve the information, education and entertainment mission of the media we want.  

The team visited Radio and TV Izuba on May 14, 2024
The team visited and held discussions with RBA management
The team visited and sharing experiences with The New Times Management (Photo/TNT)
The team visited and sharing experiences with The New Times Management (Photo/ TNT)


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Valens kizigenza

    May 17, 2024 at 04:28

    It is very nice and I want to be a journalist in future because I am still a student thanks we love your news

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