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The world has learned no lessons from the Genocide against the Tutsis- Minister Marizamunda

The Rwandan Minister of Defence, Juvenal Marizamunda, pointed out that if you look around the world, the world has not learned enough lessons from the Genocide against the Tutsis in 1994, because in various countries there are still problems of insecurity that are killing civilians.

It is a topic he returned to on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, when he launched the National Security Symposium, which brings together various security agencies in Rwanda and across Africa.

The opening ceremony of this three-day conference was attended by various officials including the Minister of Defence, Juvenal Marizamunda, the Commander-in-Chief of the Rwanda Defense Forces, Gen Mubaraka Muganga and others.

The Minister of Defence, Marizamunda pointed out that this meeting is taking place while Rwanda is commemorating the 30th Genocide against the Tutsis, history confirms that Rwandans have learned a lesson, although the evidence shows that the world has not learned anything because there are still problems of insecurity everywhere.

He said, “This meeting was organized while Rwanda is commemorating 30 years ago the Genocide against the Tutsi, one of the characteristics of the Genocide against the Tutsi is that a large part of the International Community ignored it, powerful countries in the United Nations discouraged the contribution of the United Nations. ‘Nations, while the International media turned its back on it.’

He went on to say that “Rwanda’s face at the international level cannot be explained without giving an example of these disasters, as Rwandans we have learned important lessons, I wished to be like the International Community and we have also learned the lesson but it is different from that year after year we continue to abandon the goal of fighting for the world it is characterized by peace. While we are here the world is facing billions of security issues that are worrying for peace and security […] these issues range from terrorism, youth violence, violent extremism, access to cyber-attacks, failure of the government […].”

Gaston Rwaka

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